Friday, June 7, 2013

tar heart

restless anxious, one of these days my heart is going to beat...

restless anxious, one of these days my heart is going to beat that tit right off my chest

quixon: Her nipple game is ridiculous. bringing this back cos...


Her nipple game is ridiculous.

bringing this back cos i think i deleted it and i regret that

hi, my body looked like a penis and balls in this picture and i...

hi, my body looked like a penis and balls in this picture and i just had to share


i'm not racist some of my best friends are racists

bloody hell that clitoral hood post makes me want to go gay. some nasty ass pussies out there.

cool, you won't be missed.

uncutting: (Here's the full size, high-quality version. You...


(Here's the full size, high-quality version. You may have to click again to enlarge, if it doesn't automatically.)

Here it is, the clitoral hood coverage chart!

Inspired by the aforementioned foreskin coverage index, I wondered how much variation there is in the length of the clitoral hood, the vulva's homologue (equivalent) to the foreskin. I decided to go about constructing a similar chart with the help of my followers. Each clitoral hood you see here belongs to somebody who was willing to contribute to the project. Pictures were taken in a non-aroused state, and contributors were asked to estimate their own level of coverage, to help me decide where on the chart to place them.

I'm happy with the amount of diversity I was able to represent. In addition to the wide variety of hood lengths, there's also a variety of ages ranging from 18 to 36, different gender identities and sexual orientations, and different races and ethnicity. Some of the contributors are pierced, some aren't. Some have had children, some haven't. Some shave their vulva area, some don't. All in all, I hope for the chart to serve as not only an informative tool, but also a celebration of uniqueness.

It's worth noting that the fourth picture on the CI-1 level belongs to someone who was subjected to genital mutilation as an infant. Her circumcision removed her clitoral hood, but left her labia and clitoris intact, thankfully. I'm grateful that she was kind enough to share her story and her picture with me.

If any of you reading this are interested in being included in this chart, get in contact with me! I'll be making a second edition of the chart in a few months, and would be happy to include new submissions.

Thanks goes out to each of you who contributed! I appreciate your willingness to share this.

today so far

watched some porn, skype call from childhood friend blocked the cumshot. masturbated while chewing gum, choked on it. that’s my own damn fault. i’ll stuff my face in a pillow periodically, and eat chilli as well. cried a bit, had mascara on my hands while i masturbated, hope my bad mood isn’t going to give me an infection !! gonna go scrub, bless y’all.

14 25 26 49

14: Do you tell a lot of people when you have a crush?
haha ugh yes i do. i tell my crush too, eventually. often in tears.

25: What physical traits do you look for in a potential interest?
it varies, of course. i like guys who don't try too hard fashion-wise. simple t-shirts and nice jeans. plain boys with sad eyes and body hair. i typically favour darker hair, whatever style. i love height, but i've never dated anyone very tall. um, deep deep voices are lovely. big hands. they should have lips, for kissing. 

26: Name four things that you wish you had:
motivation. a functioning sex toy. a bottle of vodka. a plane/bus/train ticket to wherever the hell.

49: Your own question that you want me to answer. Just write it.
your name is myles? i had a friend we called Myles cos on his CV he kept repeating "Many Years Life Experiences", he was a Shaun though. i am bad at asking so i'll repeat one : Name four things that you wish you had.

today so far

called an old friend, how is she? she’s on an hourly schedule, she’s working and studying and socialising and Living Life. spilled vodka all over myself the second someone i once fucked messages me on facebook. she’s inviting me to her bachelorette party and i long for death fuuuuuck

Love all your pics! I wish you posted some new one tho. Do you prefer to be eaten out or fucked really hard? Ever done anal or play with your ass when masturbating?

fucked hard. i have done anal play in the past but not on my own. maybe i would if i grew an extra arm, but i don't really care for it too much.

I have always enjoyed that you keep your nails done. Makes your pictures that much sexier.

haha i never noticed, but i guess that is true.

Who is the one taking pictures of you? I love them!

thanks, i took most of them but my boyfriend took a few. 








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